Patrice D'Angelo - La Pachetada

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Patrice D’Angelo – La Pachetada

  • Release date: 16/07/2020
  • Label: Dancing In
  • Catalog #: DNC032

Presenting “La Pachetada” by Patrice d’Angelo, an extraordinary album that goes beyond the boundaries of a conventional EP. This release serves as a momentous celebration of our record label, commemorating six years of active presence in the dance music industry. Patrice showcases his expansive style through two captivating tracks, seamlessly blending deep and techno influences with infectious and powerful old-school acid elements. Infused with a contemporary edge, featuring resounding new-style kicks, this album promises to deliver an unparalleled dancefloor experience that demands attention in every venue.

Patrice d’Angelo, an esteemed figure within the dance music realm, has forged a unique path over the years, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. His artistic contributions and dedication to pushing boundaries have garnered widespread recognition.

In “La Pachetada,” Patrice effortlessly channels his boundless creativity, constructing a sonic landscape that transcends time and genre. The album’s tracks pulsate with hypnotic rhythms and deep grooves, paying homage to the beloved sounds of the past. Patrice deftly weaves in powerful old-school acid elements, infusing the compositions with an electrifying intensity. This fusion of classic and contemporary influences creates an enthralling audio experience that immerses the listener in a captivating sonic journey.

The track, “La Pachetada,” beckons listeners into an irresistible sonic realm. Anchored by deep basslines, the track establishes a solid foundation that propels the energy forward. The inclusion of potent old-school acid elements adds an invigorating and dynamic dimension to the composition. Enhanced by the presence of resounding new-style kicks, the track emanates a modern energy that captivates dance enthusiasts, commanding their attention and enticing them to move with abandon.

The second track on the album, called “Respire” continues to showcase Patrice’s mastery of the genre. Embracing a dosage of powerful new-style kicks, the composition exudes an exhilarating energy through FX coming deep from the jungles. The fusion of deep and melodic techno elements weaves a sonic tapestry that transcends conventional boundaries, drawing listeners into an intoxicating and transformative dance experience. The commanding basslines demand the utmost power, ensuring that every moment reverberates with an irresistible force.

“La Pachetada” stands as a testament to Patrice d’Angelo’s artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional electronic music experiences. This album extends an invitation to explore a world of deep grooves, hypnotic rhythms, and an intoxicating fusion of old-school influences with a contemporary flair.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary release that is “La Pachetada” by Patrice d’Angelo. With its magnetic blend of timeless elements and innovative sounds, this album is poised to ignite dancefloors and leave an enduring impression on all who seek an unmatched dance experience.


  1. 1

    La Pachetada (Original Mix) Patrice d'Angelo

  2. 2

    Respire (Original Mix) Patrice d'Angelo